3 Days Diving in

Myeik Archipelago

Fascinating Facts

  • Dive at 3 diving sites – Black Rock, Hidden Lagoon and High Rock.
  • Visit the natural heart-shaped lagoon at Cocks Comb Island.
  • Be mesmerised by the amazing aquatic life.


To enjoy diving in Tanintharyi Region, you can make Kawthaung your base. Start your diving expedition by visiting Black Rock, located only 160 kilometres north of Kawthaung. Black Rock is a fish magnet and famous for having an incredible collection of mobula rays. People have had memorable encounters with manta rays and eagle rays here. Take a dive and walk on carpets of brown disc anemones and purple soft corals. There are also blue, yellow, green and orange soft tube corals, as well as banks for spotting big-eye trevally, pompanos and banded sea snakes.


Today, wake up early and head to Cocks Comb Island, located about 2 hours away. The highlight of this place is a heart-shaped lagoon right in the middle of the island. To reach there, you will have to hike through jungles and crawl below rock caves. The adventure is fun and the final view simply breathtaking. The lagoon is an ideal spot for shallow diving with great corals and animals to see.


This dive location is 25 kilometres away from Kawthaung. It is a small island with a single tree, but it’s surrounded by rocky reef on the south and west. You will be surprised by the volume of fish that you will encounter when you go into the water. The variety is also vast, consisting of blue-line snappers, gold-striped fusiliers, yellowtail barracudas and a lot more.

Popular in Tanintharyi Region