A Journey to the Magnificent Towns on the Chindwin River

By Thoon       

          Myanmar is waiting to give you different kinds of experiences with the abundant of its natural resources.

         Among the numerous journeys, here is visiting the magnificent towns in Sagaing Region by river cruising.

The River – Chindwin

         The main tributary of the Irrawaddy River stretches about 1200 km from the Kachin State of Myanmar. It generally flows southward through the Naga Hill and past the towns of Singkaling Hkamti, Homalin, Thaungdut, Mawlaik, Kalewa, and Monywa.


         It is the place where your trip will start. Having unique sites in the town, the surroundings are also dotted with farms, glittering pagodas, and small villages. Monywa is well-known for its giant Buddha statues and monasteries. You can see agricultural products in rural area and west of the Chindwin River is a large copper mine. There is a small village named Kyaukkar which is about 15 kilometers East of Monywa. It is a famous place for its lacquer products. Furthermore, if you want to see a natural medical product, don’t miss explore Twin Taung hill near Budalin, North of Monywa which is producing dietary supplements from its plants.

You are highly recommended to get to Monywa by air from Mandalay or Yangon. You can also access by bus or train from Mandalay and Bagan. From Monywa to Kalewa, it takes about half a day by waterway.


         Now, let’s move to Kalewa which is a picturesque town perched high on the banks of the Chindwin River. It is surrounded by the rising hills and set at the confluence of two rivers- Myittha and Chindwin. If you follow the Myittha River upstream, it is a very attractive route on to mountainous Chin State beyond At Kalewa, you will find the authenticity of local people’s lifestyles and beautiful scenery whilst  staying at the local guest houses.

          You will pass the towns called Mingkin, Mawlaik, Sitthaung and Taungdoot. Keep your amazing feeling and enjoy every moment.


         Your boat trip will end here! Homalin Town is famous as a peaceful place which has a backdrop of large forested mountains. It is also near the India Border and a must-visit place to connect with Myanmar local people. People say that a decent time to visit is amid the Naga New Year in January. As Homalin Airport as a regular service, you don’t need to worry your way back home.

River Cruising Experiences

         As Chindwin is a beautiful river to cruise along, you will get a smooth and comfortable ride. You will also have the endless view of rural villages, green scenery, and charming local people along the journey. This trip Monywa to Homalin will take 4 days or 8 days, you can choose whatever you prefer.

             For your new adventure and colorful experience, I would like to kindly invite you to take this journey by scenic river cruising.