The Story of Shwedagon

The Story of Shwedagon Amrita Kundu The glittering golden Shwedagon Pagoda is the most famous monument of Yangon, Myanmar’s commercial capital. Terming it as spectacular is an understatement as Shwedagon has witnessed the history of Myanmar for centuries and has awed millions in Myanmar and… Read More »The Story of Shwedagon

Street Food in Yangon

Street Food in Yangon By Andrea Johnson Admit it, everyone’s a foodie especially when it comes to street food. They are such a delightful snack to have as you stroll along the street listening to the rhythm of the city you’re in. Well things are… Read More »Street Food in Yangon

Yangon, The Unexpected Tour

  • Yangon

Yangon, The Unexpected Tour By Carol Rudy I have to admit, I was quite skeptical of Myanmar in the beginning, let alone Yangon. It wasn’t even on my list of travel destinations, but a friend of mine convinced me to go for something unexplored beyond… Read More »Yangon, The Unexpected Tour