A New Travel Destination

Unearth the hidden gem of Southeast Asia. Discover a brand new travel destination featuring the perfect blend of culture and nature. Behold and be enchanted by the astonishing wonders of Myanmar

Ignite A Beautiful Getaway

Reignite the spark of love. Experience a magical sunset in a hot air balloon ride in Bagan. This will be a date of a lifetime for you and your loved one in the sky.

Sounds of Myanmar

Myanmar is a country of variety and that is reflected aptly in the array of sounds that travellers get to hear here. From the sizzles of roadside stalls to chirping of exotic birds in untouched locales, an auditory treat awaits you at Myanmar. Come, soak in the little moments that make up life.

Riding The Rails

The most fun way to explore Yangon, the largest city of Myanmar, is to take a ride on the Yangon Circular Railway. Often termed as the lifeline of the people, this colonial-era railway line cuts through the Yangon city and is used by locals for daily commutes. Tourists can take a fun ride on the train, feel the pulse of the local life and enjoy sightseeing in this historical city.

Spiritual Myanmar

Myanmar sports age-old cities and ruins, including evidence of an ancient civilisation. Marvel at these wonders of Myanmar and the history that came from a long, intricate past of the nation.

Myanmar Natural Beauty

The flawless countryside of Myanmar has retained its natural beauty with a well-preserved culture and heritage. Don’t miss the limestone formations that witnessed the earliest civilisations to dwell in the nation.