Attractions in Bagan

Buu Pagoda

History and Background

Bupaya Pagoda (Bu meaning “gourd” and paya meaning “pagoda”) which has a bulbous shaped dome is located at a bend on the right bank of Ayeyarwady River, in Bagan. It was built by Pyusawhti, Third King of Bagan who ruled Bagan during the end of the 3rd century.However, historians place it closer to the 9th or the 11th century (respectively when Bagan city was founded or the city walls were built). According to the local legend, he was a conqueror of five nuisances and managed to free Bagan Kingdom. The original pagoda was built in Pyu style, adescendant from the Indian style stupa. It was destroyed completely and fallen into the Ayeyarwaddy River by the 1975 earthquake.

Why should visit

Watching sunset over the Ayeyarwaddy River is one of the most spotted view of Bupaya and it also possesses a clear view on the river bank. There is an activity to take photos by posing holding the sun in their hands.


Bagan can be visited all year round.