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Fascinating Facts

  • The mud volcanoes of Minbu are actually methane gases trapped under the ground, forcing their way up to the surface.
  • Minbu is located opposite Magway city. The journey from Magway to Minbu takes only 15 minutes.
  • Buddha’s footprints are enshrined inside Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda, located nearby.

Minbu is a small town in central Myanmar, located on the plains of Ayeyarwady River. The entire area undulates towards the Arakan hills. The beauty of the area lies in the enchanting mud volcanoes where mud evaporates from the undulating plains. The volcanoes spread across an extensive region. This place is one of a kind in the world and definitely worth a visit.


The origin of Minbu can be traced back to before the Konbaung Dynasty when it was a big city. The name of the city then was Mingala Para. Since Minbu is located at the junction of Mann Creek and Ayeyarwady River, it was later on named Mann Puu. Mann Puu slowly changed into Minbu.


Top Attractions

The mud volcanoes of Minbu are enchanting to visit. The methane gas trapped under the ground creates pressure, which pushes the water table up. The water, in turn, gets mixed with the clay and mud and makes its way out as mud volcanoes. However, unlike regular volcanoes, these are not hot. Instead, they are cool to the touch. The entire landscape feels like the surface of the moon, except with mud bubbling out multiple vents and several craters on the ground.
The locals consider this area to be a religious site, as legend has it that the dragons inside the earth are powering the volcanoes and pushing the earth out. Since this is a religious site, you will have to remove your shoes when you visit the location. Don’t worry, the mud is cold and won’t burn your feet.

Things To Do


This pagoda enshrines a pair of Buddha’s footprints. There are two sets of footprints – upper footprints, which are located on a hill, and lower footprints on a slate. The Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda festival is held every year here between February and April. That’s the best time to visit this place.


This is also known as sandalwood pagoda since sandalwood is grown at the monastery site. According to legend, Buddha himself visited this pagoda and stayed for a week, teaching people about life and Dhamma. The pagoda was built on the banks of the Mone River as a memory of this visit.


Magway city is located only 15 minutes away. It is the largest city in the Magway division of central Myanmar. There’s much to see and do in Magway town. You can visit the Yokesone Monastery, Shwe Ku Pagoda, Tauntkyi Taung Pagoda, Fort Min Hla, Beikthano ancient city and Thayet Golf Club.


This pagoda is located by the river inside Magway township. The view of the river from the pagoda is stunning. According to legend, the pagoda was built by a wealthy man named U Baw Gyaw and his wife. It was almost entirely destroyed in the earthquake of 1847 but was later rebuilt.

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