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Ngapali Beach

Fascinating Facts

  • Turquoise blue water, white soft sand, 7 km long beach. Ngapali Beach (pronounced Napally) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and it is located in Myanmar. It owns some incredible undiscovered features. Perfect palm trees all along the coastline show the unique pleasant beauty.


  • Pro tip: Explore the beach by bicycle. Meet the friendly locals for the best experience. You should take the boat ride early in the morning. If you are a fish lover, do taste the fresh fishes available here.

Ngapali beach is famous for the magnificent view of its surroundings. With minimal activities around this area, this pure beach is intended for you to fully enjoy a stress-free nature getaway. We recommend you to spend more than 2 days to have an immersive experience at the beach. There are bicycles for rent along the beach. Rent one and explore the beach on the 10km path with complete freedom. Some hotels also have bicycle rental services, so remember to look out for one at your hotel. Rental fee can be as cheap as USD3.5. You can also visit the locals and enjoy a boat ride led by friendly fishermen who are always happy to guide you.

Another activity that you must not miss is watching the sunset by the beach. Ngapali beach offers one of the best spots for you to watch sunsets as the place is peaceful and free from the sight of bulky concrete buildings. Watch as the sun slowly descends and disappears into the horizon of the sea as you indulge in a satisfying meal of fresh seafood by the beach.


It is best to visit this beach between October and May when the temperature is ideal for a beach outing. Hotels and flights are not available during June and September due to the rainy season.


Top Attractions

  • Gyeiktaw (Jade Taw) Fishing Village
    It is located just a short ride away from Ngapali which is a local Rakhine village nestled on the coast at the southern continuation of Ngapali beach. The village is known for its abundance of fishermen and an amazing sight with the wide bay and harbour for 100 fishing boats. The beach was covered in nets and drying fish. The dried fish go in sacks to Bangladesh.
  • Nandaw and Sandaw Pagodas
    These pagodas are located on hills on the outskirts of Thandwe village and actually consist of three golden pagodas. They are dotted on different hills around Thandwe and the tallest pagoda is called Nandaw Paya which has the claim to fame of containing a section of one of the ribs of Buddha.
  • Amata Mountain
    Another important Buddhist site near Ngapali Beach is Amata Mountain which is located close to the Jade Taw Fishing Village. It is a place where you will encounter wonderful ocean vistas, a meditation center and a standing Buddha image. The mountain is most famous for its imposing statue of the Standing Buddha and it is also a great spot if you want to enjoy 360 degree views over Rakhine State.
  • Thandwe Market
    Thandwe market is about four miles away by road from Ngapali. The market is extremely picturesque in its own right and a great place to visit. There is also a longyi-weaving factory nearby where you can learn how this traditional Burmese sarong is made.
  • Kinmaw Village Clay Pottery
    Kinmaw Village is just outside of Ngapali Beach which is a good place to check out some traditional arts and crafts in this part of Myanmar. The village is famous for its clay pots, bowls, and vessels, and you can enjoy the process of work by craftsmen and women.

Things To Do


Ngapali is a quiet area with one long main road along the coastline. Rent a bike and hop on the bike in the early morning. The road is about 10 kilometers long so we will be back before the heat of the afternoon.


While riding a bike in the morning, keep an eye open for some small side paths that lead into the jungle area. Get in there and ride around with the bike and interact with the friendly locals who always have a smile. They will be fascinated by your appearance and will try to communicate in ‘the’ best language: body language.


The local fishermen on Ngapali Beach offer a boat tour where we can visit the island just off the coast, visit one of the fishing villages and do a bit of snorkeling.


Fresh fish is the signature food at Ngapali, many restaurants offer anything from fish curry, grilled calamari, huge sized shrimps and many many more dishes.


The sun position at Ngapali Beach is just perfect. In the early morning, the beach is covered in shadow, so we can go out for a morning walk or run. The sunsets are that round-shaped sun that disappears into the ocean.

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