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Ngwe Saung Beach

Fascinating Facts

  • The beach has several offshore islands to explore and snorkel around.


  • Pro tip: Enjoy some sunbathing, go snorkelling and gorge on the sumptuous local food while you are here.

Complete your trip to Myanmar by visiting one of Myanmar’s pride – the Ngwe Saung Beach. Famous as an untouched beach, the turquoise water and clean white sand make a perfect combination to unwind and relax after a long day of travelling. This beach offers so much more than just sightseeing as you also get to watch how the locals go about their daily routines. Their authentic lifestyle in the middle of a growing tourist destination is such a sight to see as it displays their spirits in maintaining their culture and traditions. You don’t have to worry about accommodation or meals at this beach as there are lots of hotels, guest houses and restaurants serving traditional Myanmar cuisines. Several fish and prawn enterprises operate out of here. There are also souvenir shops that sell beautiful local handicrafts that are products of the villagers’ hard work and dedication. We are sure you will love the products. It will be great if you purchase souvenirs from the merchants as you will be contributing to their earnings.


The best time to visit this beach is from October to April or December.


Top Attractions

  • Lovers Island
    Lover’s Island is a sleeping islet on the coast of Ayeyarwady Region’s Ngwe Saung Beach. According to the locals, the name Lover’s Island is based on the mythology of star-crossed lovers expatriated from the mainland only to show off their affection among the lush foliage 500 meters from shore. However, Lover’s Island is actually a name given to foreigners since foreign couples often visit this place to have a private space. When the tide is out, parts of Bengal Bay reveal a passageway of sea-floor to Lover’s Island.
  • Bird Island
    The island, commonly known as Bird Island, is located about 9 nautical miles from Ngwe Saung Beach. The main reason why it is called Bird Island is because there were Edible-nest swiftlet birds on the island. Bird Island is a type of rocky island, and there is no sandy soil on the island. If you go up to the mountain of the bird island, you can also visit the bird’s nest cave, where the birds live. If you go by speedboat, it may take about 50 minutes round trip. If you go by local boat, it can take about 3 hours round trip.

Things To Do


It is an amazing experience to soak up some sun and immerse into the ocean.


Lover’s island is at the end of Ngwe Saung Beach. It offers panoramic views of the beach from its summit. It also offers snorkeling opportunities amongst the coral and brightly colored fish under the waters. One thing that makes the island special is that it is accessible by foot. When the tide is low enough, just take a walk along the beach.


Bird island is one of the famous islands in Ngwe Saung. It takes one hour to get there by boat from the shore. It is a perfect place for snorkeling thanks to crystal clear water and large diverse marine lives.


Sinma fishing village is a great place to explore the daily life of fishermen. Every night, the fishermen go out into the sea for fishing and return home the next day. In the early mornings, we can see the fishing boats coming in with their day’s catch. Stroll along the beach, passing the vast straw mats which are used to dry small fish, meet the fishermen and buy their freshly dried products. It offers great photo opportunities to capture this scenery.

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