Attractions in Yangon

Yangon Walls

History and Background

YGN Walls is an ongoing project of a local organization called “Doh Eain” and led by Delphine de Lorme in Yangon alleys. The architecture handiwork can be found from 29th to 42nd street. Doh Eain converted the first ‘trash alley’ to ‘garden alley’ in 2016 by planting a vegetable patch. While Doh Eain is restoring and cleaning the alleys, YGN Walls invites local and international artists to participate this project.You can see multi-hued giraffes, murals depicting Myanmar fairy tales, the theme “Urban Jungle”, aesthetics of memorable Myanmar movies throwing back to around 1975, Myanmar girls wearing full of Myanmar traditions and culture. You can also join yoga, dance and Zumba class on every Sunday morning. The team is collecting volunteers who help with the cleaning and maintaining of the neglected spaces to make the upcoming projects sustainable. The team also opened recently an art concept store and gallery called “Atelier”, where the artists of the collective can show their own works for free and use any sales to contribute to upcoming projects . Beyond the street art, the projects develop the lives and mindsets of local communities with their own pride.

Why should visit

Later in crowded urban tour, YGN Walls might be worth landscape beyond your expectations. You can enjoy a wonderful sound of laughter and it is coming from a less-known alleyway, decorated with street art . People always saying it ‘behind the curtain’ of life in Yangon. Beyond the struggle life of local communities, meanwhile enjoying their life in the back streets. These back lanes were used as rubbish dumps but now was transformed from “trash alley” to “garden alley”. It is a gallery of paintings, illustrations and photographs. So, it’s also named “Worthy Photographs ”. Street art can play a big role in urban rejuvenation. Mural inspires a expressive conversation between the city, the people, culture and art. The art supports not only a strong theme of Myanmar street culture but also environmentalism and the importance of street maintenance.