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Dusty Hidden Gems of Myanmar

Dusty Hidden Gems of Myanmar


By Jaycee Jung

Myanmar has plenty of hidden gems waiting to be revealed to the world. There are monumental pagodas, picturesque scenery, diverse culture, scrumptious food, stunning mountain peaks, and many more. Little do tourists know that the true hidden gem of Myanmar is the nation’s gem industry itself. Rich with ruby, sapphire and jade, this country is quickly gaining global attention since it opened its doors to the world.

Rubies of Mogok
Among gemstones collectors, Myanmar is known to have some of the best rubies. However, the production of these precious stones have decreased over the years, making them more valuable and exquisite today. The quality and price of a ruby is largely determined by the colour. Rubies of the finest quality are red to purplish red, and are called ‘pigeon blood’.


Some rubies are treated with heat to bring out the intensity of their colours. Other treatments are done to improve the stone quality, such as chemical and radiation treatments. A ruby’s price is also decided based on the clarity of the gem as it emits different inclusions, or intersecting needles of mineral rutile when exposed to light, as described by the Gemological Institute of America. The finest rubies have very little inclusions, appearing to be clear.


Mogok Town in Mandalay is the vital source of Myanmar’s finest rubies. Many foreign jewellery and gemstones companies obtain their rubies from this mining town. The quality of the rubies were tested and recognised internationally. You can learn more about Mogok the mining town here. (include Mogok webpage link)


Stunning Sapphires

Just like rubies, blue sapphires in Myanmar are mostly found in Mogok, and they are also exposed to heat to intensify the vibrancy of their natural colours. Some of them are filled with external substances like glass to enhance clarity. Therefore, natural and untreated sapphires are highly sought after and are the most expensive.


Sapphires of Myanmar are eye-catching with their stunning radiance and shine. The stone’s natural lightness intensifies the clarity, making them even more desirable among collectors and gem lovers. Some sapphire collectors believe that wearing sapphire jewellery strengthens friendship, increases loyalty of acquaintances, and repels hatred and negativity.

Exceptional Jades

In Myanmar, it is believed that jade allows the wearer to gain peace, courage, wisdom and justice. Jade in Myanmar is more known by the name jadeite, which is another form of jade. Myanmar’s jadeite exists in several different colours: white, black, gray, purple, and green. Green jades are the most common colour with a wide range of shades, from translucent and light green to emerald green. Emerald green jades are not to be confused as emerald stones, though they can be just as expensive as the latter.

Myanmar’s jadeite is normally used to make elegant jewellery, facial jade roller and plates. Kachin State is known to have jadeite with one of the highest quality in the world. Asian countries, especially China, turn to Myanmar for a high quality supply of jade.

Know What You Are Buying

It is common to find trinkets that resemble these precious stones in stalls along the streets of Myanmar. However, these stones are not real rubies, sapphires or jades. They are in fact semi-precious and coloured stones instead of top-graded gemstones.

Precious gemstones in Myanmar are generally cheaper compared to those sold at European countries. If you wish to buy accessories containing these sparkly jewels, head over to Myanmar and be spoilt with choices from the high quality and gorgeous stones the country offers!







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