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Enchanting Discoveries


Fascinating Facts

  • Kayah women start wearing brass neck rings at the age of 5, and they can only wear up to 28 rings in their lifetime.
  • Kayan women have elongated earlobes because they like to put on large and heavy earrings made of amber, silver and sometimes metal.
  • Thiri Mingala Hill is split into nine parts, with each peak having a pagoda placed on top.
Loikaw, the capital of Kayah State is home to distinctive ethnic groups. There are Kayah women wearing brass neck rings and Kayaw women who wear their traditional costumes with pride every day. You will love watching the Lahtas perform entertaining traditional dances and be intrigued by the Kayan women who are known to put on huge earrings and elaborate necklaces. Loikaw is surely the place to be for culture lover seeking for an authentic village experience.


Loikaw was just a small town with very few population and activities. The most that tourists can expect to see back then was the usual routine of the villagers. Located in the only flat part of the area, Loikaw is home to ethnic groups that have been around for a long time. As it is considered a rural town away from city life, the lifestyle here is still traditional and undisturbed by the modernisation happening in more advanced parts of the country.

Distinctive sacred landmarks are popular in this area, as there are multiple pagodas and stupas found within this small state. Today, Loikaw is seeing more visitors who are curious to see the villagers, their lifestyle and the amazing traditional handicrafts.


Top Attractions

Culture and nature exploration is a must in Loikaw. This small and humble town in Kayah State is packed with plenty of hidden attractions that will leave you in awe by the exotic untouched places. Villages in Kayah give off an authentic vibe that culture enthusiasts will enjoy, and the locals even take you along to join them in their daily routines, like fishing, hiking, and swimming. This is also your chance to join them in their mouth-watering feasts, where you will get to taste Kayah sausage and wine.

Take a stroll to the hill where the Taung Kwe Zayde temple resides. It is a towering landscape that blends in with the mountain of limestone to create gold and white stupas. It is Kayah state’s most famous attraction and its castle-like exterior will get you exploring all of the stairs and small caves in the temple.

Buddhism devotion is prevalent in Kayah, but this state was also once the base of the Roman Catholic missionaries. They built several churches that used a mix of European architecture and Buddhist design, making it a unique fusion. One of these structures is ‘Christ the King’, the longest-surviving church in Kayah state.

Things To Do


7 lakes are linked together by a stream. With the countryside featuring traditional villages as its backdrop, this majestic lake boasts an impressive view that charms tourists. The reflection of the breathtaking surrounding mirrored on the lake is also a sight to behold, as it seems like there is another world existing within the lake.


Be sure to observe the kingdom of pagodas resting on each peak of the hills. Visitors will love the mesmerising sunset from the hill, as the view of Loikaw is undisturbed and away from the bustling city. At night, the temple glows in stunning yellow hue as locals light up candles and light bulbs around it.


Tourists must not miss out on the tea houses in Loikaw. Known to maintain its authentic village surroundings, visitors will get to snack on crispy, deep fried vegetable tempura and chickpea tofu as they sip on warm and fragrant tea with the locals. Myanmar beer is also a big hit around this town, so make sure to try it!


Villagers of different ethnic groups gather at the markets to sell their crops, handmade trinkets and utensils. Besides buying local items, tourists can also witness people of diverse ethnicity interact with each other harmoniously. Visitors can also see ‘long-neck’ women with their brass neck rings and also Kayaw people in their striking traditional clothes.



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