Enchanting Discoveries



  • Monywa has many spectacular pagodas which are the landmarks of this region
  • Its historical sites and cultural heritages will make you impressive
  • There is a vibrant atmosphere with local food stalls combining with the sense of river scenery
Town on the Chindwin river located 136 km north-west of Mandalay, Monywa has several notable attractions- the most prominent being the Laykyun Setkyar, the second-tallest statue in the world. It is also a major center for trade and agricultural products surrounding Chindwin Valley. Monywa is famous for its cotton blanket and the village of Kyaukka is well-known for its qualified lacquerware utensils. Monywa is a town on the Chindwin river located in the dry zone of Central Burma. It is surrounded by a large number of unique sites. It is also known as Neem city because many of the city’s streets are lined with Neem trees. This town loosely translates to “Miss pancake town”. The legend says that the town got its name after a Prince visited the village where he met a woman who fried pancakes. After he married her, it was named Monywa.


Top Attractions

Monywa is home of popular pagodas which is the cultural hub of Myanmar. Thanboddhay Pagoda is a famous colorful spot for visitors. You will find that this is covered with glittering small stupas. The other one is the name ‘Boditahtaung’ means ‘1,000 Buddhas’ which is built and planted Bodi Trees by Sayadaw U Narada. When you heard about Monywa, you will see the Monywa’s landmark which is Laykyun Setkyar Standing Buddha. For cave lovers, there are Shwe Ba Taung and Hpo Win Taung which are located very close each other. Visitors will find a number of Buddha images throwing back to the centuries. Besides, you can find the delicious snacks at local night market. Take a trip along the pretty waterway to see the river scenery.

Things To Do


Monywa is well-known the beautiful landmarks of it. Most of these landmarks are golden pagodas which are very big and colorful with impressive heritages. Its situation is very pleasant on the Chindwin River and famous for its unique sites. When you tell about its attractions, don’t miss to visit the Buddhist monasteries located near each other South East of town.


Have you known the caves about Shwe Ba Taung and Hpo Win Taung? There are a number of glittering small pagodas inside them. They are still stunning because of its ancient version.


Everyone loves the Myanmar lacquerware products. Monywa is the best spot to find them. Lacquerware workshops are attracting the visitors’ attention which is never stay away. Choose your favorite one among a variety of cultural assets. For your day-trip lacquerware tour, Kyaukka Village, the serene village around 12 miles outside of Monywa, is your best paradise.


As it is river-side town, Monywa is full of organic and fresh food. The tasty local snacks are only in Monywa. If you want to try Burmese Curry, please straightly go to the local Burmese restaurants which will serve local curries and a range of free side dishes like tea leaf salad. Very delicious!