A nature lover’s paradise, Indawgyi Lake is located in Kachin State, the northernmost state of Myanmar. The untouched and pristine lake is ideal for enjoying a few days in the lap of nature. Indawgyi is the largest lake in the country and one of the largest inland lakes of Southeast Asia, measuring 24 kilometres from north to south and 13 kilometres from east to west.

Indawgyi Lake is surrounded by natural forest and is home to about 20 villages. The area around Indawgyi has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its unparalleled collection of flora and fauna. The area is primarily inhabited by ethnic groups from Shan and Kachin, who depend on agriculture as their livelihood.



Shwe Mitzu Pagoda is a stunning pagoda located in the midst of the lake. It looks like it is floating on the water. The pagoda casts a reflection on the lake in the late afternoon sunlight – a scene not to be missed. You can take a boat to the pagoda and enjoy sightseeing. The best time to visit this pagoda is during the Shwe Mitzu Pagoda Festival in March. Sandbanks appear on the water during this time, which are used by the people to cross over to the pagoda. The locals believe that one sandbank appears for humans and the others for spirits.


The banks of Indawgyi Lake are dotted with villages, which you can visit. Namde and Nammilaung are two notable villages. Lwemun village is also worth a visit. Located on the western shore, it is a scenic village with two monasteries. The monasteries have an interesting story behind them, which you can ask the locals about. The roadside teashop located towards the north of the village has excellent views of the lake. The shop serves excellent noodle salads. Savour the delicious salad along with some traditional tea while enjoying the sunset over the lake.


Enjoy the Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1999. The 775-square kilometre forest is enriched with exclusive species of flora and fauna. It is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Southeast Asia and is also an ASEAN Heritage Park. The forest is home to 10 globally threatened birds, which are maintained carefully for preservation. The site also features the Burmese peacock turtle, an endemic species of Myanmar. Apart from this, there are 448 bird species, 41 species of reptile, 34 species of amphibian, 64 fish species and 50 butterfly species.


Indawgyi Lake is slowly becoming the top bird-watching destination of the country. The wildlife sanctuary is enriched with exclusive species of birds such as the Baer’s pochard, white-rumped vulture, slender-billed vulture, green peafowl, lesser adjutant, sarus crane, Indian skimmer, wood snipe, Pallas’s fish eagle, greater spotted eagle, Indian spotted eagle, rufous-necked hornbill and yellow-breasted bunting. The lake is a major stop for migratory birds. You can see them if you head to the lake between December and March. Taking in the sight of thousands of exotic birds flying over the lake’s dark blue water is an experience of a lifetime