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Explore Myeik and the Myeik Archipelago with PhwePhweOo (The Mergui Lady!) I will show you: Beautiful Myeik (or Mergui) and the Archipelago is my home and playground. Whether you are in a group, visiting as a solo traveler, or researcher, a foreigner or from Myanmar, my goal is to ensure you have the best, authentic, tour and learning experience. The area is abound with cultural and natural heritage, islands and corals, pagodas and temples, unique artisanal, craft, and local industries, restaurants and shopping. I would love to share with you this unique place in southern Myanmar. I also offer Myanmar language and traditional cooking classes. About me: I have more than 4 years’ experience in tour guiding in Myeik and in the Archipelago. My clients know me as a fun, friendly, multi-talented, dedicated, environmentally conscious, and knowledgeable individual who can cater and adjust to your needs. I love meeting new people and connect with them instantly. I am fluent in English and Myanmar, and understand Korean and little Chinese. I guarantee that you will leave Myeik a happy and satisfied client. Languages: English, Myanmar, some Korean and Chinese. Activities: •Pick up and motorcycle or driving tours •Myeik city walking tour •History and culture •Islands, marine, nature •Artisanal and local craft and industry tours •Food and restaurants •Myanmar traditional cooking classes •Exploration and sightseeing •Shopping  

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