Jade Pagoda


Visiting Hours: 7/8AM – 6 PM Dress Code: While there is no specific dress code to visit this pagoda, we recommend wearing knee-length clothes and covering your shoulders. The temperature can get really high during summers. Hence, carry umbrella, caps etc. Pro tip: Keep at least 2-hours to explore this pagoda.


Jade Pagoda is located in Hsin Ywa in Myinmhu Village in Aamarapura Township, a 1-hour drive from Mandalay. Taking a private taxi is the best way to visit this pagoda.

Visit the world’s first and largest jade pagoda in Myanmar. Fully built with jade, the structure of the pagoda is made by attaching pieces and slabs of jade, one by one on the structure. The pagoda can be easily spotted from the hilltops of Hsin Ywa and Myinmhu Village. Devotees worship the pagoda to receive blessings for peace, progress and wealth.

The pagoda has been built with a budget of USD 15 million and was completed its construction in 2016. Precious stones can be seen attached to Buddha statues in this pagoda. The pagoda is huge and accommodates a lot of Buddha statues, measuring 75 feet 6 inches (height), 175 feet (circumference), 52 feet 6 inches (terraces).


It is advisable to visit the pagoda in the evening, when the marble floors are not too hot for your bare feet. The best time to visit this place is usually from October to April.