Mon State

Win Sein Tawya Monastery


Dress Code: There is no specific dress code but we recommend you to dress conservatively covering your knees and shoulders. Pro tip: Take your shoes off if you are entering the inside of the statue.


This amazing reclining Buddha is located in Mawlamyine, a small town located about 5 hours 30 minutes away from Yangon. You can take a bus, taxi or train to reach Mawlamyine. The statue is pretty huge and can be spotted from miles away.
The largest reclining Buddha in the world is located at the Win Sein Taw Ya Buddhist Monastery. The statue measures 30m in height and 180m in length. You will spot this massive reclining Buddha from miles away even before you approach the area. It is situated right opposite the Buddhist shrine on Kyauktalon Mountain. On the way to the entrance, there are 500 Buddha statues built along the road. You will also notice that a second reclining Buddha is being constructed opposite the current statue. The construction of the reclining Buddha took 15 years and the statue is still unfinished. The Buddha statue is large enough to have several chambers built in it. These chambers display dioramas of the Buddhist teachings. You have to remove your shoes while entering the interior of the statue as the structure is still a holy site and needs to be respected at all times.


It is best to plan your trip to this place wisely. The season is hot from March to May, whereas it is more comfortable and cool during October to February.