Inle Lake


Dress Code:
There is no dress code for roaming around the lake. Wear comfortable footwear such as sandals and slippers. However, you will have to take your shoes off while visiting pagodas.

Entrance Fee:
USD 3.

Pro tip:
It can get quite sunny and hence do carry sunblock.


The easiest way to reach Inle Lake is to take a domestic flight. The closest airport is Heho which is about an hour’s drive from the lake. You can take a taxi from the airport. The journey will cost K 30,000.


Inle Lake is always on tourists’ list of must-visit places. This elevated lake is 900m above sea level, 22km long and 10 km wide. Visitors are usually amazed by how majestic this lake looks like when they see it in real life. Several tribes live by the lake, allowing you to witness how they go about their lives traditionally. There are floating gardens where locals plant their crops and villagers still sell their produce on boats.

The Phung Daw Oo Pagoda is situated at the lake and it is most crowded during the annual festival. Villagers celebrate the festival by parading Buddha figurines around the village. You will also witness the amazing one-legged rowing method that can only be seen in this part of Myanmar. Truly speaking Inle Lake offers the best experience of the ethnicity and culture of Myanmar.


November to February is the best time to visit Inle Lake. The weather is warm and dry. The Phaung Daw Oo festival is held from September to October, so you can go during that time too.