Burmese Cats

at inle heritage stilt house


Visiting Hours: While you can visit anytime, you can cuddle the cats only from 11.00 AM – 2.00 PM Pro tip: To get the best experience of Inle Stilt Houses, we recommend staying for at least one night here. If you cannot stay overnight, at least enjoy a local lunch here.


The easiest way to reach Inle Lake is to take a domestic flight. The closest airport is Heho which is about an hour’s drive from the lake. You can take a taxi from the airport. The journey will cost K 30,000.


Located in Innpawkhon Village, this place is an effort to preserve the traditional culture and lush nature surrounding Inle Lake. If you are a feline lover, then the Inle Heritage Stilt Houses should be on the top of your list. This attraction is a Burmese cat sanctuary for the furry animals and cat paradise for tourists who love pets. You will find adorable kittens at the bottom part of one of the stilt houses.

Spend a healing time at the attraction petting kittens and take photos with gentle cats occupying the area. There is also an aquarium that displays interesting aquatic creatures from the beautiful lake. The Inle Heritage Stilt Houses function as a hotel in the middle of Inle Lake. There is also an organic vegetable garden where you can stroll along the paths.


Inle Lake is best visited between November to February as it is warm and dry at that time. You can also celebrate the Phaung Daw Oo festival with the locals which is held from September to October.