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MUSE MOTEL  Muse Motel is situated in Muse, Northern Shan State. Muse is a frontier town to China. Those who stay at Muse Motel can enjoy not only the traditions and cultures of Shan ethnical people but also a taste of Chinese cultures. The rooms are well equipped and you can find your absolute relaxation and you can enjoy your stay here. The breathtaking view of local areas and also the Chinese region attract visitors to take a rest in this town. The interior decorations, room services and the hospitality of the staff will please the guests. As the hotel is in downtown, places such as market , monastery and pagoda are accessible. Single Ordinary:8000 Single Slection II:10000 Single Slection:15000 Single Foreigner:27000 Double Selection:20000 Double Foreigner:40000 License No:Ha - 0409 Room:40 Rooms Address:No.(92) , Zay Quarter , Muse Phone No:082-51181 , 082-51182 , 082-52491 Hot Line;082-51181 , 082-51182 , 082-52491 Email;musemotel 18  
No.(92) , Zay Quarter , Muse

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