Enchanting Discoveries

Hpa An


  • There’s a pagoda in Hpa An named Kyaut Ka Latt which is pronounced as Chocolate Pagoda.
  • Hpa An is surrounded by mystic natural caves carved in limestone..
  • It is a great destination for geology enthusiasts. Hpa An is best to be explored on foot or in a bicycle. There are guided bicycle tours to enjoy the surrounding.
Mt Zwe Ka Bin
The capital city of Kayin State, Hpa An is a pretty riverside town surrounded by dramatic limestone karst mountains. Although it is the capital city of a state and located only only 5.5 hours’ drive from Yangon, Hpa An is a laid back town which helps travellers to rewind and take a much-deserved break from daily life. The Than Lwin River and the surrounding lush green paddy fields present a picture postcard scenery, especially during sunset. Several caves surround the town, some of which have been converted into pagodas. From natural swimming pools to pagodas perched precariously on rocks, Hpa An offers a lot of things to explore during a vacation in this town.


Top Attractions

The countryside around Hpa An is surrounded by limestone karst mountains where the riverwater has carved stunning caves. Sadan Cave is the most famous cave in this region with impressive stalactite and stalagmite structures. The gorgeous Lake of Elephant Kind is located at the exit of Sadan Cave where travellers can enjoy a boat ride. Hpa An also has magnificent pagodas all around. The most stunning is Kyat Ka Latt Pagoda (pronounced as Chocolate Pagoda) which is perched on top of a rock formation in the midst of a lake. You can also climb up the Taung Wine Pagoda on the top of the mountain for a view from above. Hpa An has several gardens, the most famous of which is Lumbini Buddha Garden. Down the road from this garden stands an area with hundreds of sitting statues of Buddha all around.

Things To Do


A great way to explore Hpa An is to hire a bicycle and explore on your own. There are also guided biking tours which will take you around the countryside. Bikes can be hired from your hotel itself or shops in town which provide bikes for rent.


Climb up the picturesque Mt. Zwe Ka Bin and enjoy the stunning view from atop. The hike takes about 2-3 hours and is not an easy climb. There is also a pagoda on the top which you can visit for a mesmerising view for the panoramic view of the mountain and hills.


If you love to walk around, you will feel at ease in Hpa An. Being a small town, Hpa An can easily be explored on foot to enjoy the scenery and experience the local vibe. The markets of Hpa An sell local produce and items which you can pick up mementoes of your trip.


There are several options to go for day trips from Hpa An, which includes the golden rock of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda and the largest reclining Buddha at Mawlamyine. Regular bus services are available to these locations. You can also hire a private taxi for a more comfortable ride. As these places are not located close by, travelling by motorbikes are not feasible.