Tourism Myanmar | Hsipaw Attractions
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A pretty small town in the Shan Hills, Hsipaw is the place to go if you want to spend your holiday doing nothing. It is a small town that is best enjoyed on foot. You can simply laze around the town, meet the locals, eat delicious food sold at roadside stalls and unwind.

Hsipaw is a primary destination for hikers. There are several trekking routes through the rolling green hills that will take you through forests and to villages. The local people in the villages love tourists and will be happy to have you among them. You can also hike from Hsipaw to Inle Lake if you can sustain hikes that last several days.

Things To Do


This palace was the home of the sawbwas of Hsipaw. Currently, the nephew and his wife of the last sawbwa looks after the place. The palace is located at the northern end of the town. If you visit the palace, you can get to know about the last 50 years of Shan State’s history from its inhabitants.


You cannot miss this grand pagoda when in Hsipaw, as it is the biggest pagoda of Hsipaw located in the main town. The highlight of the pagoda is the large Buddha image with a brass face, which was created taking inspiration from the Mahamuni Buddha in Mandalay.


Hsipaw’s central market is considered one of the best markets in Myanmar. It is visited by tribes from Shan Hills and Kachin State. Hence, you will find the most authentic local goods here. From radio and spare parts to food items, you can get anything you want in this market.


Walk 8 kilometres on the Hsipaw-Kyaukme Road and you will reach the Bawgyo Paya, highly revered by the locals of Shan Hills. The temple is loaded with tourists during the Bawgyo Paya Pwe festival in February and March. The pagoda has an attractive architecture featuring gilded polygons.