3 Days in



  • 3-day trip to the commercial capital of Myanmar.
  • Visit landmark pagodas and national museums.
  • Explore the culture city of Twante by boat.


Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar and therefore offers the best peek into the urban culture of the country. Spend your morning on the famous Circular Train that leaves Yangon Central station at regular intervals in the day. Locals use the train to go about their daily business so it’s a great insight to the people of this city! Then visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most famous pagoda in Myanmar, which will take your breath away with its golden glory. You may also want to check out the floating Karaweik Palace (pic), which reflects Myanmar’s mythical bird which is said to have a pleasant and melodious cry. A good idea would be to walk around downtown Yangon exploring the architectural marvels that are the colonial buildings. A visit to Bogyoke Market is a must if you want to explore a variety of local produce. End the day with a dinner at the famous 19th Street. Don’t forget to order a nice chilled Myanmar beer!


Head to the terminal and take a picturesque ferry ride on the Yangon river to visit Twante, a quaint village by the riverside. The journey will give you a glimpse of Myanmar countryside as you pass through rice fields, villages with bamboo huts and banana plantations. You can take a horse-drawn carriage once you reach Twante and explore the area. Get to know the people of Twante and don’t forget to visit the Shwesandaw Pagoda of Twante (pic). Twante is also famous for ceramic and pottery work and you can take home some handicrafts as they make perfect gifts. You can visit the workshops and pick up mementoes.


The museums in Yangon are definitely worth a visit on Day 3 of your trip to this capital city. The Bogyoke Aung San Museum (pic), the National Museum and the Myanmar Gems Museum will give you great insight into the history of this great nation and its trek through time. A must-do in Yangon before you head off is to definitely visit their little teashops with its large selection of teas. Just hop onto the little stool and enjoy the buzzing streets around you as you consume the thick sweetened drink! End your day with a walk around the Botahtaung harbour where you can get a glimpse of the busy life of the people of Yangon. The sunset from this vantage point is pretty too!

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