Visiting Hours:
8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Entrance Fee:
The entry fee to Ananda Temple is included in the Bagan Zonal Fee (USD 20/Euro 20).

Pro tip:
Wear comfortable shoes on your temple tour. Do remember to carry enough water and wear sunscreen.


Ananda Temple is located right at the heart of Bagan and is difficult to miss. Look for a temple tower in red and gold and that’s where you need to be.


Ananda Temple is one of the most famous temples of Bagan constructed in 1105 AD during the reign of King Kyanzittha of the Pagan Dynasty. One of the surviving temples of Bagan, this temple has a marvellous layout. It is designed in the form of a cruciform where the terraces lead to a small pagoda at the top. The top is covered with an umbrella called ‘hti’ which is a typical feature of almost all pagodas in Myanmar. Ananda Temple houses 4 standing Buddhas, each facing one cardinal direction. The temple is impressive and should not be missed.
Apart from the 4 Buddha statues, Ananda Temple contains innumerable plaques made from glazed terra-cotta tiles. Each plaque represents one story of the Jataka. The temple also houses innumerable stone sculptures both outside and inside the temple. In fact, the inner side of the temple has around 1500 statues. You can also see innumerable wall paintings inside the temple prayer halls, all holding immense historic value. There is a field museum in the temple where you can get a glimpse of ancient artefacts and learn about the history of Bagan


While anytime is a good time to see this historic marvel, the best time to visit Ananda Temple is during the Ananda Festival which takes place each year from December to January. You will be able to see the temple at its best during this time.