Top Travel Apps That Work Offline

By June Franco

Technology has empowered everything today, travel is no exception. Travelling around is now easier than before as any information a traveller needs is now available online, a fact that has added value to people’s travel experience.

But what if your destination is a remote location where mobile data isn’t available? Worse, what if you are stuck in a foreign country surrounded by people who don’t speak your language and your phone’s data isn’t working? In a situation like that, this is where offline apps come into play.

# 5 Triposo

This is a very useful app. Triposo curates information from reliable sources and offers a friendly offline guide to the user. The information you require needs to be downloaded while you are online so to access it offline. From searching for hotels to looking for directions, Triposo offers a range of options to a user.

#4 Google Translate

An app hosted by none other than Google, this one is a lifesaver in foreign travels if you do not understand the language. Travellers can download more than 50 language packs and easily access them offline. It translates typed words to your desired language and can be used extensively for interacting with the locals in foreign countries.

#3 Tripit

Tripit is one of the highest rated trip-planning apps which follows your email confirmations. Based on your email activities, it curates information about your accommodation, car rentals, flight or bus bookings and converts it into a detailed itinerary of the trip while you are online. In offline mode, Tripit provides addresses, contact numbers, and other details which you might be looking for.

#2 HERE WeGo

A web mapping and navigation service, HERE We Go was first developed by Nokia as a revamped version of Nokia Maps.  It is an easy to use app which works extremely well offline. Travellers can get directions for walking, cycling and driving easily by using this app in the both online and offline mode. The directions work fine when offline. In fact, some travellers even prefer it to Google Maps, the app in our number one position.

# 1 Google Maps

This one is a no-brainer. Google always finds a way to capture every market and this pathbreaking app is an integral part of their offering. By using satellite imagery and aerial photography, Google Maps provides street maps with 360° panoramic views, driving routes and real traffic conditions. Downloading offline maps helps a traveller use Google Maps without data, even providing driving directions in flight mode. Isn’t that fantastic?

These applications will be an important part of your travels, especially if you are in a country that speaks a different language. Hope you find these ones useful. Happy travelling!

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