Tourism Myanmar | Kawthaung Attractions
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The southernmost town of Myanmar, Kawthaung, is an important trading point and the ideal place to spend a few days if you want to enjoy the 800 islands of Myeik Archipelago. The town is only 20 minutes away from the Thai border. The town is often used as a base point for snorkelling and diving activities.

Kawthaung is an interesting town offering extensive cultural variety. It has several hilltop pagodas with excellent views of the surrounding sea. The best way to go around town is by motorcycle taxis. A short ride will cost around 200 Kyats while a long-distance journey can cost up to 2,000 Kyats.

Things To Do


This island is located only 5 kilometres away from Kawthaung and is attached to the mainland by a long wooden bridge. It features mangroves in the east and a vast sandy beach in the west. There are several seafood restaurants where you can chill and enjoy some good food.


This pretty waterfall is located 50 kilometres from Kawthaung, near Maliwun village. It is a lovely spot to visit. It has a swimming area and a small water park with slides where you can enjoy yourself. You can climb up to see other waterfalls upstream.


This is the southernmost point of Myanmar, also known as Victoria Point. It is located at the base of the Bayint Naung Hill. You can savour a panoramic view of the surrounding from the hill. In fact, you can see Thailand from here.


This hill provides the best panoramic view of Kawthaung town. Also known as the Triple Five Hill, this hill is 185 metres high. Take a motor taxi to the top of the hill and enjoy the amazing view from up above.