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Fascinating Facts

  • Kawthaung is located 2,000 kilometres from the northernmost tip of the country.
  • The Thai border is only 20 kilometres away from Kawthaung. Hence, Kawthaung is often used as an entry point to Myanmar by tourists.
  • Entry visas and border passes are issued in Kawthaung, usually valid for 28 days.

Located in Tanintharyi Region, Kawthaung is one of the most important towns in southern Myanmar. It was known as Victoria Point from 1824 to 1948. The town shares its border with the Thai town of Ranong in the east, making it a chosen point of entry to Myanmar by many travellers. To the southwest of the town lies the Andaman Sea. The town has a more or less mountainous terrain. Kawthaung enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, being surrounded by the sea. December to March is the best time to visit Kawthaung since it is pretty dry during this time. The town receives extensive rain from May to September.


The entire region around Kawthaung was transferred to the British after the First Anglo-Burmese War (1823–1826). In 1859, Chinese and Thai settlers moved to the region. In 1865, an Arab-Malay group developed around the bay of Victoria Point. The most popular settlement during that time was Maliwan village, located 24 kilometres from Victoria Point. In 1872, a police officer was stationed at Maliwan for the first time. In 1891, the administrative offices were moved to Kawthaung since Maliwan was located beside a small creek and it was difficult for large vessels to make their way to the town.


Top Attractions

Kawthaung can be considered as a gateway to Myeik islands. There’s a lot to see and enjoy, including waterfalls and hot springs located close by that you can visit. Kawthaung is home to a number of pagodas such as the Pyitawaye Pagoda, Arnandar Pagoda and Aungtawmu Pagoda. Many of these pagodas are as old as several centuries. Kawthaung is a small town that can be easily explored on foot. You can walk around the town and interact with the local people. You can also take a walk through the Palone Tone Tone Bridge and visit the Palone Tone Tone Island.

Things To Do


Kawthaung can be used as a base point for island hopping. You can hire a boat and travel from island to island. The most commonly visited islands include Horse Shoe Island, Dunkin Island, 115 Island, Cocks Comb Island and Zadetkyi Island.


Like other towns of Myanmar, Kawthaung is home to several pagodas. The Shwe Pyi Thar Pagoda is a must-visit. It looks exactly like the Ananda Temple of Bagan. Other interesting pagodas include the Pyitawaye Pagoda, Arnandar Pagoda and Aungtawmu Pagoda.


Bustling with people, this is the biggest market in Kawthaung. Walking around the market will help you get a feel of an authentic southern town. You can also help yourself to authentic local food here.


The sea near Kawthaung is filled with exquisite aquatic species. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can have fun exploring the colourful corals and beautiful fishes. From day trips to several days of diving tours, there is a lot of options to explore.

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