Tourism Myanmar | Loikaw Attractions
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Located in the Karen Hills, Loikaw is a less visited yet strikingly beautiful small town. It offers everything that a traveller can crave for – pagodas atop mountains, mysterious caves and volcanic lakes. Since it shares a border with Thailand, people often enter this town through Thailand.

If you head to Loikaw, you will be able to see the famous long-necked women of Myanmar. They are very friendly and would love to interact with you. The town has a simple yet sufficient infrastructure. It also offers delicious food to visitors, so do spend time tasting the delicacies.

Things To Do


This is the most prominent structure of Loikaw and can be seen from different parts of the town. It is located atop Mindala Hill, a hill with 9 broken peaks. At night, the entire pagoda ground looks like a fairground. The platform is a great place to enjoy the starry night.


About an hour’s drive from Loikaw lies a massive lake against the backdrop of a picturesque countryside. The lake is a conglomeration of 7 lakes, interconnected by small channels. It’s a peaceful area, ideal for enjoying some time in nature.


Travel south from Loikaw to reach this village. You will find women busy weaving beautiful designs on cloths. You can interact with them and understand their art. You can also buy some as a memento of your visit to Loikaw.


This pretty cave is located only 15 kilometres east of Loikaw and cannot be missed. Situated at the entrance is a hut inhabited by an old monk, who takes visitors around and even offers them coffee and biscuits.