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AquaticUtopia in Southern Part – Tourism Myanmar
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AquaticUtopia in Southern Part


Do you know Myanmar is a multi-type tourism destination? If you love adventure, you can enjoy adventure trip in hilly regions. If you love culture based trip, you can explore especially at the central part of Myanmar. Or, if you love nature based trip, you can travel almost every part of Myanmar.

Amongst, herewith you will be introduced with a place where you can enjoy nature as your recreation in the Andamen Sea off southern partof Myanmar.

Mergui Archipelago!

Over 800 islands surrounding this archipelago is a collection of beaches untouched by human habitation in Taninitharyi Region, Myanmar. Galore marine activities can be enjoyed and many opportunities for astonishingexperiences that you can’t imagine still await you.

Turquoise crystal water is persuading those who have a passion for diving and snorkeling. Lampi, Bo Cho, NyaungOoPhee, KyunPila, PyinSa, Cock Comb and 115 Islands are the most beautiful and interesting islands where you can explorethe authentic marine life.At these islands, enjoying diversity of marine activities, you can watch the colorful coral reefs which are included in the world’s best scarce coral reefs especially at 115 island. 115 island is famous for its white sandy beach and apart from watching coral reefs, you can get the experience of snorkeling, kayaking and even jungle trekking on the island.Furthermore, Lampi Island, offering hugely diverse range of wildlife with spectacular scenery, has been designated as a national park and ecotourism site of Myanmar. It is sure that this island can be the best place for the visitors who love both marine and eco life.

Amazing Marine Activities Sites Over Andaman Sea

Myeik Archipelago is home of the best sites for diving and snorkeling in Southeast Asia. You can choose your favorite dive site in different features. Even though far many islands in Myeik Archipelago can be described, here are some highlights for your amazing diving and snorkeling.

  • Black Rock

     Black Rock is an isolated small islands that can give you perfect experience by diving on its steep banks to the sea. It is located 190 km north- northewst of Kawthaung. Around this island, excellent diversities of coral reefs and abundance of marine species like black-spotted pufferfish, spotted hawkfish, scorpionfish and blueringed angelfishetc can be found. If you are a diving-lover, you should not miss this place for your planning next trip.

  • Cock Comb Island

     Cock Comb Islandsituated just off the coast of Kawthaung is naturally heart-shaped island and one of the interesting islands in Myeik Archipelago.It is a limestone atoll with stunning lagoon in heart-shape. You can enjoy snorkeling to see the soft coral reefs around the island. If you want to visit the island, you need to cruise to the island and swim through a natural tunnel to reach the lagoon. 

  • Horse Shoe Island

     Horse Shoe Island is famous for its pristine and scenic characteristics of clear water, shaped like horse shoe and palm-fringed white sandy beach. Floating on the crystal clear surface of sea, sparkling under sunshine is like a paradise on earth and you will lose yourself in nature when you see this magnificent view. You can enjoy kayaking and go around the beach for more breathtaking scenery ofHorse Shoe Island. 

Tribe of Expert Diver

Indigenous ethnic group, locally called Sea Gypsies or Salone, becomes unique attraction in Myeik Archipelago. They are naturally expert for diving longer than most people can and everySalonepeople can dive skillfully even their children. The Salone families stay on their boats or canoes and wander the islandsto find bird nest, pearls, and other sea products for their livelihood. Moving from island to island making their canoes as homeis their tradition and they stay on land only if the sea gets stormy during monsoon season.

You can explore the squid fishing, techniques of building boat, daily lifestyle of Salone people and can make a talk with them about their unique culture at the Ma KyoneGalet Salon Village located on Bo Cho Island. Some of the Salone people are now permanently dwelling in this village together with former local villagers.

Pearl Farm

Visiting pearl farms might be a new attractive experience for visitors as no pearl farms were normally opened to public before.  But now, private pearl farms are opened for visitors three days a week on Jalan, Kyun Su and PyinSa Islands and no limitation for number of visitors. At the farms, you can see some processes involved in the production of pearls; preservation of oysters, incubation process etc., and you can buy real pearls and oyster products.

Accessibility to Myeik Archipelago

You can visit there in many different ways. From Yangon to Kawthaung, you have to take domestic flight and from airport, you can go toKawthaung jetty by a car. When you arrive at the jetty, you can freely wander the islands as you wish.Please be sure to bring the local guide with your cruise when you wander around the islands. Sometimes, tourists come by international cruise via Thailand and visit around the islands. From now on, if you are going to plan a visit to somewhere distinct, don’t hesitate to choose Myeik Archipelago as your bucket list.


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