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A Train or a Colorful Loop to Remember in Yangon

A Train or a Colorful Loop to Remember in Yangon


You love finding new things and new experiences? If so, ride the rails and discover Myanmar for your next eye-opening travel experience. Travelling by train is one of the best wanderlust moods as it can afford picturesque views and chances to meet with locals.

As you know, Yangon is the country’s commercial hub, having its tree-lined streets, serene parks, tranquil lakes and colonial heritage combined with the hustle and bustle of street vendors and thriving local markets. Riding Yangon Circular Railway should definitely not be overlooked.

For a little of money, you can find the real soul of the local lifestyle of Yangon by spending for two or three hours travelling on the train. It can take you within a moment into the daily routine of Myanmar people.


Tip1: About Yangon Circular Railway

Yangon Railway, Myanmar’s largest train station, was built by the British during the colonial times in about 1877. It was first opened in 1954 and operated by Myanmar Railways. It is the local rail system that runs within Yangon City Area on the 45.9 kilometers (28.5 miles) long loop and stops at (39) stations. It seems an old-fashioned train style but truly with a lot of fun. The entire circular trip takes approximately (3) hours.

It is a convenient way for the convenient of local people to get around the city and is essential transportation used by thousands of people every day.

The train travels on two lines going both directions (clockwise -right and counter clockwise- left routes). Please don’t mind that the train time is not usually accurate and avoid rainy season because of the muddy and flood areas.

With no air-corn, but with natural, cool breeze, comfortable seating and fascinating views of the countryside all will make you pleased because of the opening windows.


Tip2: Where/ How to Ride

            The highly-recommended place you get on at Yangon’s downtown train stations of Pansoedan and Bogyoke Aung San Roads. The only problem is that the train’s schedule is not in English. So you have to ask around other people which platform you would like to take.

You have to buy train tickets through travel agency or directly from all stations. Especially, the one is at Yangon Central Railway at Platform 7. The ticket sellers are really nice and helpful! Or it is sure, you can easily find out that everyone is more than friendly and will give you right directions. There is also a tourist office where you can go in and get helpful information.


Tip3: Schedule / Ticket Prices

As I mentioned above, train is busy during the school or office times. If you want to find more relaxed time, you should choose the early morning or the afternoon between 10 am and 3 pm. Passport is required to purchase your ticket. Price is always cheap as one ticket costs 200 to 500 Myanmar Kyats (USD 0.13 to 0.33 $) per one person for a long distance. After paying your money, you will receive a paper ticket to keep before you get on train. Or the other way is to make online booking through train website at least five days ahead of your departure date.


Tip4: What to Wear and Bring

            As riding train may take a few hours, it is the best to dress comfortably. But, if it is summer, you should choose light clothing. Additionally, there are people selling from fresh fruit slices to delicious Burmese snacks. You can try them regularly as the train stops each train station where many vendors are selling local products. So, I highly recommend not taking too many foods with you. Please support and buy from our locals.

And if you want to leave, simply jump off at your chosen station after having asking the local people. Across to the other side of the platform and walk straight back.


Tip5: What to Taste

After getting on, your charmingly journey is starting. You will see the agricultural smell of Yangon. Start travel by passing green rice paddy fields through small villages. Some of the views are really breathtaking. The train moves very slowly, at that time you can have precious time to interact closely with locals and their ways of life. They all are purely-minded and would like to speak warmly with foreign visitors who visit their country.

You’ll recognize Myanmar as an intriguing country which has safety to visit. Don’t miss to snap all the beautiful sceneries that you have seen.


 Catch Your One Perfect day in Yangon

            Overall, spending on Circular Train is the most incredible experience and I can say that you well wish to do it again and again. You may get difficult times but you’ll be definitely remembering this kind of exploring.

Burmese People’s hospitality is a common virtue that you will undoubtedly enjoy your travels to Myanmar. Please keep in mind to hold your camera or phone to capture the most attractive sceneries along the way. Freely mix with Myanmar People who you would met on the train and immerse yourself in the true essence lifestyle of this enchanting country.

The best worthy opportunity  with just one dollar!

















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