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Diving in Myeik, into unknown delights

Diving in Myeik, into unknown delights


The underwater kingdom is such a magical place. Suspended in time, there is a still beauty to these waters, gracefully moving to its own pace. There is always something new to discover when you dive into the depths of mother nature’s rivers, and she never disappoints.

Diving enthusiasts are typically familiar with the dive spots that exist around the world, and many make it on their bucket’s list to experience them all. If you share the same goal, then we have some great news for you that will make you tremble with excitement in your wetsuit!

Explore the untouched Andaman Sea in and around Myeik Archipelago, a jewel in Myanmar’s crown. Myeik Archipelago is a cluster of 800 pristine islands, both big and small that has managed to stay gloriously untouched. The sea is home to innumerable aquatic creatures and corals that sparkle and glow with life in the clear waters. These islands are a haven for diving enthusiasts.


The underwater scene in Myeik

Thanks to the archipelago’s isolation, the waters are yet to be polluted by human intervention, thus presenting some of the best dive sites in the world. The best time to enjoy a dive is from October to May. From whales and sharks to manta rays, the underwater world is brimming with life that will leave you awed with wonder.


Amazing variety of coral reefs

 The waters around these islands have a estimated 288 to 309 species of corals, most of which are hard corals. The corals are founded on the fringe reefs on exposed boulder slopes on the outer islands, on the relatively sheltered slopes of the inner islands and the steep slopes of island cliff faces. On the whole, you will find corals anywhere and everywhere you go!


Stunning fishes and aquatic animals

 Fishes and aquatic animals won’t disappoint you either. The number of species has been estimated at a whopping 495 along with 618 species of coral fishes. In fact, these waters have an enormous varieties of shark—Tiger, Grey Reef, Hammerhead, Nurse and even the Spinner Shark. You can also find Silvertip and Whitetip Sharks. A few lucky divers have also spotted Mobula Rays. You will also be able to see an amazing variety of fishes here such as Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish, Ribbon Eels as well as Lobsters, Octopuses, Crabs and other aquatic animals.


The beautiful underwater world of Andaman Sea

Liveaboard Diving in Myeik

Many tour operators offer liveaboard diving in the Myeik Archipelago. You can get a unique opportunity to be a part of dive cruises and enjoy the untouched marine life and spectacular coral reefs around the area. There are yachts and cruise boats which sail at regular intervals from popular ports in the Myeik Archipelago. Sail, dive and relax—that’s all you will get to for a couple of days here.

These boats will also take you to the different islands where you will get exclusive opportunities to meet the local Moken people, the Salone people, or the sea gypsies and other nomadic tribes. The Salone people themselves are one of their kind in the world. They are nomadic people who live on the water and earn their livelihood by fishing. Living on the water for many generations have made them masters of diving. You will be amazed by how long they can hold their breath underwater. In the rainy season, these people come back to the islands since the waters are too rough to stay and practice farming.

For years, the residency of the Salone people has been out of bounds for foreign tourists. It was only in 1997 that it was opened up to visitors. However, the place can only be accessed by liveaboard tour operators from Myanmar and Phuket.


Dive Sites in Myeik

The coral reefs around these islands present innumerable diving sites. Here are a few to explore:


The untouched underwater world is breathtaking

Black Rock Islands: This 80-metre wide island lies at a northwest to southeast position and has steep walls all around, especially on the west and south-west sides. This is the hotspot of diving in Myeik. The island is located 100 miles north-west of Kawthaung, a town on the Thailand Myanmar border.

South and North Twin Islands: These are two twin islands located close by. The North Twin island is slightly smaller than the South and lies to the north of the South Twin Island. The waters are visited by pelagic fish varieties such as Zambezi Sharks, Rainbow Runners and Eagle Rays. The South Twin Island is a granite island with two small bays which are ideal for diving and swimming.

Cockscomb Island: Another favourite of divers, Cockscomb Island is only 2 hours from Kawthaung. There is a ‘hidden lagoon’ here which is the best place to dive.

Western Rocky Island: This is the southernmost dive site of Myeik islands and has extensive walls and reefs where the most exquisite marine life resides. You will be able to see a wide variety here including whales and sharks.

Burma Banks: Burma Banks has flat-topped seamounts which are ideal for diving. You will be away from any human interaction and be surrounded by only pristine water of the Andaman Sea. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Tips to go for a diving expedition in Myeik

Diving in these waters can only be done through Liveaboard ships. Hence, it is essential to book the boat before venturing out. Usually, each expedition requires 4-5 days. So plan accordingly. You can also take dedicated cruises which will combine diving with luxury cruising as well as island exploration. These cruises will take around 10 days.

The islands are also unique and deserve a visit

The waters are quite deep and at times can have strong currents and rough surface conditions. Hence a modern to advanced diving expertise is required for venturing into these waters.

For the best experience, we recommend combining your diving expedition with island exploration. Each of these islands has exquisite natural beauty and is the habitat of ethnic tribes. Combining the visit will provide you with a holistic experience which we’re sure you will remember forever.

So there you have it in a nutshell—the top dive sites in Myeik, Myanmar. A welcome addition no doubt in any dive enthusiast’s bucketlist of spots that will reignite your passion for life and for the unexplored depths of nature!


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