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Find these Myanmar Endemic Species during your Bird-watching Tour

Are you planning to choose Myanmar as a place for your birding? There are unspoiled and unique places to explore the diversity of birdlife. Here is some useful information related with Myanmar’s endemic and endangered birds. Burmese Bushlark (Mirafra microptera) It is called ‘Bilone’ Bird in Myanmar. You can find it in the eastern, middle and southern parts of Myanmar especially in Bago, Mandalay, Magway and southern Sagaing. Hooded Treepie (Cripsirina cucullata) This bird is called ‘Ngaphakyuu Amyee Wine’ Bird. These are found at Bago, Magway, Sagaing and Kachin State. It is one of the endangered species which we should care. White –browed Nuthatch (Sitta victoriae) This kind of bird, Myatkhonephyu Nhatpharchaut, stays between from 7500 to 8000 feet of Natmataung in Chin State. Burmese Tit (Aegithalos sharpie) You can find these Burmese tit birds in the western parts of Myanmar especially at Natmataung National Park. Jerdon’s Minivet (Pericrocotus albifrons) This bird is called ‘Wan Phyu Bird Prince’ which is usually found at Bagan, Nyaung Oo, Mandalay, Magway, Southern Sagaing. White- throated Babbler (Turdoides gularis) Myanmar people call them ‘Swe’. These species are usually found at Yangon, Bago, Mandalay, Magway, Southern Sagaing.   Endangered Species in Myanmar White-rumped Vulture (Gyps bengalensis) Mature Individuals – 2500-9999 It is an old World vulture which is native to South and Southeast Asia. Its species face extinction in Southern China and Malaysia. You can found them in the Northern Part of Myanmar. Slender-billed Vulture (Gyps tenuirostris) Mature Individuals – 1000-2499 It is native to Northern Myanmar, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos. Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) Mature Individuals – 1000-19999 Their birth places are Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Javas. Spotted Greenshank (Tringa guttifer) Mature Individuals – 330-670 They give birth in the eastern part of Russia. In the winter, they stay in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Black-bellied Tern (Sterna acuticauda) Mature Individuals – 6700-17000 The number is decreasing although you can found them more in Myanmar. Giant Nuthatch (Sitta magna) Mature Individuals – 1500-3800 It is native to the southern China, Middle Myanmar and Northern Thailand. Masked Finfoot (Heliopais personata) Mature Individuals – 600-1700 It is native to the Northern East of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In Myanmar, you can find them at the Tanaing Region of Upper Chindwin. Storm’s Stork (Ciconia stormi) Mature Individuals – 260-330 They are native to the Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Sumadra and Indonesia. Yellow-breasted Bunting (Emberiza aureola) These birds are native to the Northern West and Northern East of China and  Northern Japan. They stay at the Northern part of India and Southern part of China. White-bellied Heron (Ardea insignis) Mature Individuals – 50-249 They are native to Eastern Himalaya Mountain, Butan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tibet and China. But they disappeared in Nepal. Greater Adjutant (Leptoptilos dubius) Mature Individuals – 800-1200 They give birth at India, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar.   Gurney’s Pitta (Pitta gurneyi) Mature Individuals – 10000-17200 They give birth at Thailand and Tanintharyi Region in Myanmar. Baer’s Pochard (Aythya baeri) Mature Individuals – 150-700 They give birth at Russia and Southern China. They usually stay at India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea and also North Korea in winter. White-winged Duck (Cairina scutulata) Mature Individuals – 250-999 They give birth at India, Bangladesh, Java, Sumadra, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. In Myanmar, you can find in northern parts and upper Chindwin. White-browed Nuthatch (Sitta victoria) Mature Individuals – 2500-9999 These species are only found at Natmataung Region in Myanmar. Useful Tips for Birding
  1. Be quiet
  2. Avoid sudden movements
  3. Follow the crowd
  4. Study habitat
  5. Work the flocks
  6. Be patient
  7. Get the sun at your back
  8. Try pishing
  9. Avoid brightly colored clothes
  10. Look around
Best Places for Bird Watching
  • Hlawga Wildlife Park in Yangon Region
  • Moeyungyi Wetland Bird Sanctuary in Bago Region
  • Natmataung National Park in Chin State
  • Inle Wetland Bird Sanctuary in Shan State
  • Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary in Magway Region
  • Popa Mountain Park in Mandalay Region
  • Myeik Archipelago in Southern Myanmar

                                                                                                Ref: WCS, birdwatchersdigest


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