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Seasons of Myanmar – Tourism Myanmar
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Seasons of Myanmar

Seasons of Myanmar

By Jude Carvalho


You might be used to the four seasons if you live far from the equator, but in Southeast Asia, it’s pretty much tropical weather all year round. However, Myanmar does tend to differ from many other Southeast Asian countries in this regard, with three main turns of weather throughout the year. They are the hot season, rainy season and cool season.


Personally, when I visited Myanmar during the hot and rainy seasons, the weather scarcely affected my travel experience. Besides, the different periods are still somewhat similar to each other, and Myanmar in general does maintain a fairly stable climate.


Of course, each season carries its own particular traits, and you might find that you’d prefer one over the other simply for the fact that you prefer to stroll around in colder weather rather than under the hot midday sun.


If you’re already living in a country with four seasons – especially if temperatures vary wildly throughout – you’ll find yourself easily acclimatising to Myanmar’s three main seasons. Read on to find out when each season takes place, what to expect, and what the best plans are for each of them.


The Low Down

Let’s take a deeper look at Myanmar’s different seasons.


Hot Season
As the name says, this is the hottest time to travel in Myanmar. It runs from March to May, with temperatures averaging 35 degrees Celsius, sometimes reaching a peak of 40 degrees Celsius. It’s still very much possible to do some sightseeing during this season, though you might want to limit your explorations to the mornings and evenings.

I have cycled from Bagan to Mandalay during the hot season, often making the journey on the open roads through midday, and I can safely say that it’s not as hot and humid as some travellers make it out to be.

This is considered an off-peak season, meaning that you’ll get great prices for accommodation and activities. Beaches are great this time of the year, namely places like Ngapali beach.

Recommended for: Travellers who like to avoid crowds as well as those who’d like to get some good sunbathing in during their trip.

Rainy Season
The rainy season generally starts in May and ends in October, is much cooler than the hot season at an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and sees lots of downpour – particularly in the afternoons and evenings. It’s best to keep your trip focused on one locale during this time, as the wet roads and occasional inconveniences brought on by the rain might make interstate travel a slight hassle.

Beaches will not be the best places to go during this time either. However, the constant showers mean that plants bloom during this time, resulting in a juxtaposition of, for example, Bagan’s lush greenery and earthy pagodas. This adds that much more brilliance to an already striking city.

Recommended for: Those who love cooler weather, picturesque horizons and the pitter-patter of rain as their white noise of choice.

Cool Season
Spanning the months of October to February, this is the most-recommended time to travel to Myanmar, due to the comfortable cool weather and the multitude of celebrations that take place during this time. Temperatures during this time average 24 degrees Celsius, with the lowest dips being in the region of 18 degrees. It’s not something you have to dress up for, but it’s best to keep a jacket handy for those chilly mornings and nights.

The climate is much drier during these months, meaning that you won’t need to pack an extra raincoat or worry about long-distance travels through the country. The lush greenery from the rainy season will remain, and travellers often flock to Myanmar during this period. This means that prices will increase, as well as the need for advanced booking.


More planning is needed during this time, but the trade-off will be enjoying a pleasant climate that’ll allow you to take part in whichever activity that suits your fancy, be it hiking up Mount Zwegabin or soaking in the serene surroundings of Inle Lake.

Recommended for: First-timers to Myanmar who want to make the most of their trip by visiting all the different sites the country has to offer.


No matter when you decide to make the trip to Myanmar, do make sure to pack an extra jacket for the darker hours as well as bus rides, as they’re known to set the temperatures really low on board (which is a great thing during the hot season). Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself, as Myanmar has definitely something for everyone, no matter what season it is.


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