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Spoiled for Choice – Tourism Myanmar
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Spoiled for Choice

Spoiled for Choice

By Regina Sharpe


With the majority of attractions in Myanmar being heritage sites and nature getaways, it’s easy to assume that a trip to the country will involve lots of trekking, cycling or climbing. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.


If it’s a romantic honeymoon you’re after, or if you just want a trip to pamper yourself with, then give the places below a go and see if you leave Myanmar feeling much more refreshed than when you flew in.


On a Boat

Break off the mainland and head out to the Myeik Archipelago. Surround yourself with clear blue waters as well as pristine shores, and treat yourself to a stay at a 5-star hotel in the area to top it all off. If you’re feeling particularly willing to splash some cash, then go ahead and charter a yacht to enjoy a calm day at sea.


Untie Those Knots

Are your legs feeling tired from all that temple-hopping? Perhaps sharing sunset spots with others has gotten you a little more appreciative of some quiet time? Then take your pick from the host of spa and wellness establishments in the region.


Enjoy hours of traditional Myanmar massages or just dive in for a quick reflexology fix before you head out again to explore the endless landmarks in the country.


Beach Life

Yet another coastal spot with sandy white shores and untouched surroundings, Ngapali Beach will make for a perfect destination if you’re looking to sip margaritas to the sound of the ocean’s waves.


This place is known as one of Asia’s most lovely beaches, and it offers some of the most stunning places to capture that perfect social media photo (for more great-looking spots to flex on social media, do check out this article right here [Link to article]. Laze your days away or tuck into fresh seafood fare caught on the very same day. The choice is all yours.


Take to the Skies

Why cycle or walk around Bagan’s endless sea of pagodas when you can just soar up high and get a bird’s-eye view of everything all at once? At just a few hundred US dollars, you’ll be treated to a 45-minute hot air balloon ride, complete with refreshments and glasses of wine to end your ride with.


With experienced pilots and chauffeuring services to and from your hotel, you can expect to be well taken care of the entire time. Think a skyscape full of balloons makes for a great sunset? Why not be in one and have an experience of a lifetime?


Pamper Your Soul

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs a little R&R. Even your soul needs some pampering from time to time. If it’s spiritual soothing you’re looking for, Myanmar has more than ample facilities to provide for that.


Meditation courses here run from a few days to entire months, but you’ll need to apply for special visas for the latter. If you so wish, you could even embark on meditation tours that offer a glimpse into the monastic lifestyle.


A Cruise Down the River

Want to explore Myanmar without leaving the comforts of a 5-star hotel room? Then hop aboard one of the many cruises that run along the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers.


With a myriad of luxury amenities at your doorstep, as well as regular stops to disembark and explore the destinations of the day, you can practically cruise through the entire country without so much as having to carry your luggage bag. To add to the luxury, you’ll probably have the best cocktails and beers on tap too.


These are some of the many things you can do for an indulgent time in Myanmar, and there are so many other activities and places you can visit here to satiate your inner hedonist. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is make your booking, so get to it and treat yourself to a lavish holiday today.


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