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Travel Like A Local In Myanmar – Tourism Myanmar
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Beautiful Myanmar

Travel Like A Local In Myanmar

Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia. This is a nation that is filled with undiscovered destinations, thriving with nature and vibrant culture. As a destination that should definitely be added into any traveller’s bucket list, there is no better way to understand Myanmar than to indulge in it. For a smoother visit to Myanmar, travellers need to know a few things.


It is vital for tourists to know about Visa requirements before planning their trip to Myanmar. As different countries are granted Visas with different duration and types, it is also advisable for tourists to take note of eVisa application, Visa exemption and Visa on arrival to avoid inconveniences during their trip. Detailed Visa information can be found here.

Plan An Exciting Trip!
Myanmar is huge. As each state and region is brimming with tourist activities, it is impossible to visit every corner of the country in one single trip. The option to visit a second time is always welcome, but tourists can always compress their trips into one exciting adventure through the right planning and tools. Destination-based e-guides are available for download at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism travel website, These e-guides will equip them with knowledge about the state’s history, tourist activities, sights and attractions. Additionally, there are informative brochures equipped with QR codes that link them to the website available in Myanmar’s airports and information counters, so look out for them.

Know What To Wear
Buddhism is Myanmar’s main religion, evident from the impressive number of hundreds of pagodas found in the nation. Pagoda compounds, monasteries and temples require visitors to cover their bare shoulders, chest and legs as a sign of respect towards the holy sites. Keep in mind that the weather in Myanmar can get extremely hot and dry, so heavy jeans and jackets are not conducive for walking in the country. 

In order to move around comfortably, tourists can try to wear a longyi, the traditional clothing worn and tied across the waist. The loose-fitting longyi provides ventilation and allows flexible movement, which is why locals wear them to work every day. Visitors will be relieved of tight and stuffy trousers immediately!

An island in Myanmar

Travel Smart, Spend Responsibly
To truly travel like a local in Myanmar, one must try to take the traditional, eco-friendly transportation that locals use daily. These include horse carts, ox carts, and bicycles which are largely available in the country. These modes of transport also allow tourists to enjoy the vast countryside around them as they travel slowly towards their destination. For quicker options, visitors can take the bus, train or motorcycle.

Know Their Festivals
The festivals in Myanmar are huge. Visitors who have been to any of these festivals are usually impressed by the spirit of the people celebrating. From dancing, singing, parading, and praying, visitors get to be right in the centre of their culture. These are usually celebrated as a time of unity, joy, and end of the conflict, making the vibrant environment is an open invitation for anyone to join. Even better, the friendly locals are willing to share their culture, and it is a safe bet that every visitor would love to be part of these festivals no matter big or small.

Myanmar Beckons!

The local culture is particularly intriguing, and their nature is a splendid gift for tourists, subtly rising to be on par with the tourism industry of other successful Southeast Asian countries. As a sign of welcome, the people proudly express their identities through ancient traditions, traditional food and handmade handicrafts for the world to see the culture they hold with much pride.

A temple of Myanmar

The touch of nature has blessed Myanmar with picturesque mountain peaks and pristine white beaches, and these abundant sights will entice visitors to fall in love with the charms of Myanmar.



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