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Yangon City Trishaw Tour  – Tourism Myanmar
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Yangon City Trishaw Tour 

By Hankie,

One of the best places to travel in Asia is Yangon, the main commercial hub and vibrant city of Myanmar. Yangon is a must-visit destination in Myanmar not just because of the Shwedagon Pagoda, it is also a balance city of tradition, culture, history, and modernity. As the major commercial city of Myanmar, Yangon has accessible transportations to travel around like buses, trains, and taxis. Among many of its hidden charm, Trishaw Riding around Yangon will give you an unforgettable travel experiences as you will able to see the authentic Myanmar lifestyles.


So, what is Trishaw?

        In Myanmar, they called this unique vehicle a Side-Car which has three wheels and four seats. Trishaw is the invention of Myanmar and was first introduced around 1938 in Mandalay, the Smart City of Myanmar. You will find out a total difference designs of Trishaw from other Asian countries, Burmese Trishaw is a three wheel vehicle with a driver seat and three passenger seats. The Burmese trishaw is typically based on the bicycle, with the passenger Side-Car attached to it. if you want to paddle the trishaw, it is so super easy to paddle if you can ride a bicycle. The side two passenger seats are back to back seats which most of them are installed at the right side of the driver and third passenger seat is just right behind the driver. If you are a romantic travelers, you can create lovely trip by sitting back to back with your beloved one or paddle next to your beloved one.


Popular way of Transportation

Trishaw is one of the most convenient and easiest mode of transportation in Myanmar. Yangon is not just the big city, it is the combination of small wards and townships. As the vehicle is more compact, smaller and easier to ride, it can also travel through the narrow streets of township and thus makes the essential transportation for local people in Myanmar. Trishaw can be easily found in every township of Yangon has respective Trishaw Gates with the trishaw drivers.


Is Trishaw Legal? 

Just like a car, the trishaw has own registration number plate issued by Yangon City Development Committee which shows the trishaw is authorized to drive around within one township of Yangon. The trishaw is regarded as a slow transport vehicle because the driver has to pedal with its legs. So, trishaw riding is fully legal and safe travel around the township and become having trishaw tours around the townships.


Reasonable Prize

Burmese trishaws offer reasonable price according to the distance and time of travel around the City. You can have a short tour around the township with around $10 – $20 (depends on how far you travel). It is much about two times cheaper than going by taxi. It is a real cheap ride because it has minimum seat for two people.


What can you explore?

Townships in Yangon has its unique attraction. If you traveling with Trishaw tours around the townships you will find different hidden charm of Yangon. Here are some facts that you can explore on your tour –

  • Local way of life
  • Street foods and tea shops
  • Different types of Pagodas
  • Main business of the township
  • Local Market
  • History of the town
  • Old and Historic Buildings


A Chance to Explore the City while relaxing

While riding the Trishaw, you can relax by seeing the surrounding environments and taking a picture of them. You can also ask your tour guide about the history of the places, buildings, and lifestyles of local people, and you can hop off from the trishaw and try delicious street foods of Yangon. If you reach to Dala township with Trishaw Tour, you will have a chance to make friends and support the communities.


Recommend Tours and Tips 

For an enjoyable Trishaw tour, I would like recommend to my top 3 trishaw tours. If you want to do something on the tour, you can stop or hop off from this travelers friendly trishaw.

#01      Around the Pansoedan streets of the Kyauktada Township

You can witness the real vibrant city of Myanmar on this tour. Kyauktada Township is located in the downtown area of Yangon, there are many food stalls and tea shops that can delight your taste. If you are a real instagrammer, the historical buildings are awaits for you.

#02      Around Dala Township on the other side of the Yangon river

Dala Township is another options for creating unforgettable tours in Yangon. You can make memorable trip by seeing real authentic lifestyles of Myanmar People. You can make shopping in the local fish market and souvenir shops. You can also explore active lifestyles of people.

#03      Around Kyi Myint Dating Township

This townships has traditional workshops of Pante, one of the traditional Arts of Myanmar. You can explore not only the tradition of Myanmar but also the religion. There is also Morning local market which you can buy flowers, fresh fruits, raw vegetables and meats. Unlike the downtown of Yangon, this township has peaceful and quiet lifestyles.


For some tips, you should apply sun cream, take an umbrella and don’t forget to bring water bottles for the hydration and be a responsible traveler. Learn some basic local language to communicate and support the Community.


Yangon is not just truly a beautiful city; it is a combination of ancient cultural conservation and undergoing modernization. The city is spiritual, warm with  different diversities of culture and traditions, and inviting culture through many festivals and events. So, Step out of the Comfort Zone!! Start Your Brand New Adventure and Grasp your Unforgettable Trip in the Vibrant City of Asia, YANGON.




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