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Enchanting Discoveries


Fascinating Facts

  • Myeik is home to 800 islands, all of them uninhibited and untouched for years, making it an undiscovered gem for travellers.
  • The ‘sea gypsies’ or better known as Salone people reside here and make a living on water.The ‘sea gypsies’ or better known as Salone people reside here and make a living on water.
  • There is a heart-shaped island which can only be accessed by swimming underwater.

The Myeik Archipelago was only opened up to visitors in 2006, making it one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. British surveyors have discovered 800, but locals insist that there are more along the isle that remain hidden.

As it is not overly populated with tourists, the waters are crystal clear and ideal for underwater activities such as snorkelling, swimming, and even has some of the best diving spots in the world to see exotic marine life!


It is recommended to visit Myeik from December to February, as the weather during this period has a cool weather and calm seas to enjoy a comfortable vacation. If you wish to dive and snorkel, the best time would be in March and April, where there is sunny weather and clearer waters for a prime underwater experience. Rainy season starts from June to October. Most cruises do not operate during this time until mid-October.


Top Attractions

In Myeik, there is an array of things for you to do. You can rent cruises to sail around the islands, arrange for a diving tour, snorkel in your free time, or hike on an adventurous expedition to reach the isolated islands that are hidden deeper in.

The National Wildlife Park offers an opportunity to witness some of the most rare bird and marine species. Furthermore, the Salone ethnic group are a welcoming people with a unique culture that will intrigue you with their life on water. Go on a fishing trip with them and see if you can catch any fish!

It might surprise you to know that there are not just beaches to visit in Myeik, as its small township lies nearby. There they have Theindawgyi Pagoda, which is Myeik’s most venerated Buddhist temple that stands tall overlooking the harbour. It is a piece of Mon-style architecture with a reclining Buddha that sits in a unique ‘European pose.’ Don’t miss out the morning markets that are fresh with fish just caught from the ocean! Myeik’s seas are home to all kinds of creatures, so you will find all kinds of fresh fish, rays and prawns waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

Things To Do


You can snorkel in the waters near Macleod Island, which has some of the most luxurious resorts or rent a boat to take you the other islands nearby. 115 Island and Phi Lar Island have some of the most vibrant corals to gaze upon.


There are many renowned diving spots in Myeik and you will be able to spot rare marine creatures such as manta rays, whale sharks and exotic types of fish. There is even a shark cave where several leopard sharks lie hidden!


You can rent a luxury cruise for a 4-day tour or simply hire and private boat to take you out around the islands for a day.


At Myeik’s township there are several delicious seafood that you must definitely try when visiting. The seafood there is very fresh and the dishes are cooked in a distinctive style that gives Myeik’s seafood its reputation.



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