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Paradise in Kawthaung

Paradise in Kawthaung

by Jaycee Jung

Ask any local and you will hear that the southern islands of Myanmar are unparalled, as the country’s beaches have not been overpopulated by tourists. Kawthaung is one such example. As a town with plenty of cultural diversity, you will find that the place keeps trails of the influence of Indians, Muslims, and Chinese. As secluded as it is, Kawthaung is actually a rather modern town, with electricity, WiFi and also cars largely available for rent. It has its own natural spots too, each of them wonders in their own right.

Maliwan Waterfall

Translated, the name of this waterfall means ‘jasmine’. As one of Myanmar’s most beautiful waterfalls, this is the ideal trip for you to unwind and relax with your friends, family, or as a solo activity. This waterfall features a large pool with plenty of natural shade provided by the trees. The refreshing water is clean and will tempt you to jump in its clear waters. Swim and dive off a cliff to your heart’s content, or kayak around the area to catch glimpses of small fish frisking around the pond. As you wade through the water, you’ll be able to hear the thunderous drumming of the gushing water hitting the rocks and flowing downstream, loud enough to drown out any other sounds around you. A water park has also been built for tourists to enjoy water activities where you can also rent a tube or kayak.


Located near Maliwan Waterfall, you will find a small island named Palautonetone where there is a bridge connecting the island to the mainland. Cross the bridge if you are looking for an unusual thrill; it is solely made of wood and spans more than 1km, connecting the two places together. There isn’t much support for people to hold on to, but if you enjoy a risky adventure this will do the trick for you. The bridge is open for motor vehicles only. Now, tourists still enjoy walking along the rickety bridge to enjoy a carefree moment with fresh air. You can also enjoy the scrumptious fresh seafood accompanied with a mug of cold beer in town.

Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda
The known rule is that you will find pagodas almost anywhere in Myanmar, and this includes Kawthaung. This town has pretty impressive pagodas which tourists love to admire the intricate designs of each while taking plenty of photos. When you are in Kawthaung, you have to visit Pyi Daw Aye pagoda, located downtown. The peak of the pagoda, made entirely in gold, can be spotted from town. The main stupa is 21m tall, and you can actually walk inside the stupa. There are beautiful Buddha images placed inside, and you will marvel at the delicately hand-carved wall designs depicting the significance of Buddhism in the country. Around the area, you will find humble stalls selling food, drinks and souvenir at a reasonable price. At this pagoda, you can also watch the sunset across the river with the Thai mountains as its background.

Boat Rides

At Kawthaung, you can find some nice speedboats along with friendly staff who can speak English. What a relief! They offer services like taking you around Nyaung Oo Phee Island for a memorable day trip, where you will also find a new beach resort. Brand new, the beach resort was built to encourage more tourists to visit this hidden gem. With sparkling new facilities and comfortable accommodation to meet your needs, you will enjoy your stay here. Their snorkelling activities are particularly not to be missed out on, as their equipment are of great quality and their staff experienced guides ready to help you along the way. Tourists who have snorkelled in the waters of Nyaung Oo Phee are purely amazed by their experience; observing charming aquatic creatures with an unpolluted view. Some tourists even say that the snorkelling adventure is even better than Thailand’s!

Seeing is believing. Once you arrive at Kawthaung, you will see for yourself the fun and relaxing time you have. From religious sites to waterfall adventures and boat trips in nature, there is an activity suited for each person. The locals and staff are also always eager to help tourists, so ask away if you have any questions. What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now and visit Myanmar for the upcoming holidays!



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