Tourism Myanmar | Pathein Attractions
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Located 190 kilometres west of Yangon is Myanmar’s fifth largest city and the largest city of the Ayeyarwady Delta Region – Pathein. It is a laid-back riverside town accessible by large vessels from the ocean. Hence, it is an important port of the country. The city’s name is derived from Pathi, which means Muslim in the local language. Historically, the region had a large population of Arab and Indian traders, which is the reason for this name. The British changed the name to Bassein during colonial times. They also built a fort in 1826, after the First Anglo-Burmese War.

Pathein is a peaceful town with a picturesque waterfront lined with many Buddhist temples. You will find innumerable Pathein umbrella workshops around the town. Having a rich colonial background, Pathein is home to several colonial buildings such as old schools, churches and post offices. The central jail dates back to 1879. The fragrant rice from Pathein is also famous. Mawdin, the place where Buddhism first arrived in Myanmar across the Indian Ocean, is accessible from Pathein. It is located in the southwestern tip of the Ayeyarwady Delta.

Things To Do


This is the most important pagoda in the region, founded by King Ashoka in 305 BC. The topmost layer of this 46-metre high pagoda is made of solid gold, the middle tier of pure silver and the lower tier of solid bronze. The pagoda structure is also encrusted with more than 800 diamonds, 800 rubies and 1,500 semi-precious stones. Worth a visit, isn’t it?


Pathein has a scenic riverfront. Take a stroll and see the local people go about their daily business. If you head to the river at dusk, you can see the stunning sunset as well. The area in front of the Ocean Supercenter is dotted with vendors selling local snacks. Don’t be surprised if you are suddenly approached by young students. They like to speak to tourists to polish their English language skills.


You can travel to Mawdin from Pathein. Mawdin is a holy site where Buddhism first entered Myanmar from India through the Indian Ocean. The Bay of Bengal meets the Andaman Sea at Mawdin. Daily boats are available from Pathein to Mawdin. The journey takes 6 to 8 hours and costs around 3500 Kyats. You can also travel by road. The journey takes 5 to 6 hours.


A visit to Pathein is not complete without buying a Pathein umbrella. The town is dotted with umbrella workshops, some of which are as old as 200 years. Each umbrella is an artistic marvel, created by patiently painting intricate designs on the umbrella by hand. They make the best mementos from your trip to Myanmar.