Perfect Travel Spot for Your Wellbeing

  • Itinerary

By Thoon

This article will show you where the best place for your wellbeing is situated in Myanmar.

Let’s go to the River Delta Region called Ayeyarwaddy. The journey there from Yangon takes about 2 hours by car and it has the best connection to the whole region which you can easily access it.

Brand New Environment

When you start going down to the Ayeyarwaddy Region, you will see paddy fields stretching beyond your sight along the road. This is evidence why it has been marked as the main rice produced area of the country. That view is so impressive for the guests. It is famous as the river delta region of Ayeyarwaddy River – the main blood artery of Myanmar. This makes the region fertile, with a packed ecosystem and rare animal species. The local livelihood mainly depends on the mangrove forest ecosystem. According to the World Alas of Mangrove, Myanmar is the seventh-largest mangrove area covering 3.3% of the world’s landmass. You can find the most extensive mangroves thriving and saltwater crocodiles at the Meinmahla Kyun in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta. Also, you can visit to the Mawtinson pagoda that can be found on the seaside, accompanied by a breathtaking view of the sandy beach. The pagoda is water-logged most of the time, making it look like it is floating on the sea. The brand new environment of its region can’t be described with words.

Fresh Food

When you talk about this destination, its delicious food cannot be left out. There is something for every foodie. Being the rice bowl of the country, there are many things, in general, you can try, from healthy vegetables to seafood, from regional food to national food. As it is a delta region, you can see as a hub where freshwater and saltwater fishes live. You can also taste delicious food especially prawn and hilsa fish. Besides, don’t miss to try regional food just like Halawa in Pathein, the City of Ayeyarwady Region. At the end of your tour, find fresh and cheap delicacies at the Ayeyarwady Beaches. It will surely be an off-the-beaten-path glimpse of life in Ayeyarwady Region.

Picturesque Beaches

There’s nothing more therapeutic for your wellbeing than beaches. The Ayeyarwady Region has these strengths because of its famous beaches- Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha where possess a soothing view for tourists who are there to enjoy the sea breeze. Ngwe Saung is known to provide one of the best beach experiences in Myanmar. Come and feel the strength of its nature.