Tourism Myanmar | Putao Attractions
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This cute little mountain town is everything a mountain lover can ask for. Located in the Himalayan foothills, the town is mostly inhabited by the Kachin and Lisu population. The town was founded during the British colonial era when a military outpost was built here.

You can see Mount Hkakaborazi, Myanmar’s highest peak, from here. From spending days walking around and relaxing to enjoying some serious trekking or mountaineering, Putao offers plenty of options for every kind of traveller.

Things To Do


This is the highest peak of Myanmar at 5,881 metres. It can be seen from Putao town, standing tall with its white snowcapped top. While climbing up the mountain is really difficult, you can marvel at the beauty from anywhere in town.


This pretty little village is located on the bank of Namlan River and is usually used as a night stop for trekking activities from Putao. You can visit the village and spend the night here. The village enjoys amazing views of the sunset.


Established in 1998, this national park has been designated as an ASEAN Heritage Park. It is the second-largest protected area in the country. You can take a walk in the national park and see some exquisite flora and fauna.


A morning market takes place in Putao every morning. You can take a stroll here and get to know the life of the local people. As ethnic groups from all around the hills come here to sell their produce, this is an ideal place to enjoy Myanmar’s best produce.