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Enchanting Discoveries


Fascinating Facts

  • Putao is the largest town in Northeastern Myanmar with cold weather throughout the year.
  • Myanmar’s highest peak is Hkakaborazi (5881 meters) and is located near Putao.
  • Putao is home to ethnic groups from Kachin, Lisu, Khamti-Shan, Rawan and Jingphaw.

A quaint town tucked away in a remote corner of nature, Putao is surrounded by snowcapped peaks. It is a small hill capital with a population of only 10,000 people. With hilly streams and rivulets, straw-roofed houses, pebbled streets and beautiful scenery, Putao is ideal to enjoy a few days of solace in a cold climate.

Putao boasts of unique flora and fauna. It has several exclusive kinds of orchids such as rare black orchids which are not found anywhere else in the world. You can also spot several rare animal species such as black bear, red panda, mountain goats and black deer. If you visit between January to April, you can see exquisite species of butterflies as well.


Top Attractions

Putao is surrounded by snowcapped peaks, which is a sight in itself. Mt. Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar’s highest peak is visible from Putao. Being a small hill station, Putao is best to explore on foot. Certain parts of Putao are restricted, so it is best to ask around before venturing into unknown areas. Kawn Moo Lon Golden Sambur King Pagoda is located about 10 miles east of Putao, on the east bank of Malikha river.

The town of Putao is surrounded by small hilly villages which you can visit to spend a night or two. Putao is inhabited mostly by Kachin People, one of the leading 8 ethnic groups of Myanmar. Being in Putao, you can understand their lifestyle, culture, and tradition. If you visit around the Kachin Manaw Festival, you will get a once in a lifetime experience enjoying the authentic local festivities.

Things To Do


The dense Himalayan forests around Putao has several trekking routes which vary in length and difficulty level. Enjoy trekking around these forests and keep an eye out to spot some of the exquisite wildlife. The treks will also take you through traditional Himalayan Villages where you will be able to explore the life of the local people.


Malikha river is a tributary of Ayeyarwady river that flows near Putao. A hilly river which jumps down the rocky terrain creating rapids and waterfalls, you can hire a boat and take a rugged trip down the ice-cold waters. It will be a mix of fun and adventure.


The Hkakaborazi Wildlife Sanctuary is located nearby and occupies an area of 3,810 square kilometres. It was established in 1998 and is the second-largest protected area in the country. It is also the largest national park in the country and houses all kinds of abundant wildlife prowling about in their natural habitat, as well as bird-watching.



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