Tourism Myanmar | the Second Temple City of Myanmar, Zay Yar Pura “Sagaing”
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the Second Temple City of Myanmar, Zay Yar Pura “Sagaing”

the Second Temple City of Myanmar, Zay Yar Pura “Sagaing”

Sagaing is one of the ancient city of Myanmar, was the capital of the Sagaing Kingdom. Sagaing’s classical name, Zay Yar Pura, means the ‘City of Victory’ which rises despite the fall of the Bagan Dynasty. Located on the opposite bank ofInwacity as the Ayeyarwaddy River divides Iowa and Sagaing. Sagaing is bordered by Kachin State, Shan State, Mandalay Region, Magway Region, Chin State, and India. For now, Sagaing city is the capital city of Sagaing Region and the white and gold pagodas on the green hill range represent the skyline of Sagaing, a religious pilgrimage site of Myanmar. It can be regarded as the Second Bagan which many of its stunning Pagodas resembles upgrading Bagan. If you are traveling for something Unique, Sagaing is the perfect option to explore all these Awe-inspiring wonderful travel experiences.

Discover Historical Landmarks

The city is popular with the old structure building and distinct historical areas of Myanmar. The location of one of the three Pyu City under the UNESCO world heritage sites, Hanlin ancient city is the place where the glory of ancient Pyu City. Shwe Bo Yadanar Mingalar Palace reveals the amazing history of the Kingdom all together with amazing detailed architecture and structural designs. The Mingun Pathodawgyi is a massive unfinished pagoda of the end of 18 century. And the Mingun bell resembles Sagaing with its number 55555 viss in weight has also a significant history of Myanmar Kings. Sagaing has famous Naga Festival where tourists from all over the world would come to witness this unique and culturally rich celebration. The people of Sagaing are descents of the Bamar, Shan, Naga, and Chin people. They all speak Burmese and practice Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

Encounter Peaceful and Relaxing Environment

Sagaing is the region with many pagodas, monasteries, nunneries and meditation centers. There are many great meditation centers which makes the region becomes one of the main places for meditation in the country. For Buddhists, meditation is an important path to finding peace. Sagaing Hill is the collection of pagodas with different shapes and sizes. You can hike up to the top and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Sagaing with Pagodas and beautiful Ayeyarwaddy River. Under the blue sky, you can see the white and golden stupas with green tree background, having a colorful view that might relax both your mind and body. You have a chance to relax and practice your Buddhist meditation skills in the Sagaing Hills or other meditation centers.

Explore Handicrafts Workshops

         The region is also famous for its cane ware workshops. Local cane products handcrafted by locals are high-quality and elegant design. The cane products include not only cane ball which is main part of traditional Myanmar Sport but also household products such as cane keychain, cane chairs, baskets, etc. These cane wares can be found in Tintin, Mankyisin and Makyikone village in Sagaing township where this village has the cane workshops. There are also silver-smith workshops that produce various kinds of silverware such as jewelry, bowls, trays, boxes, buddha images and so on are made in the Ywa-Htaung Village on the way of Sagaing – Monywa Highway Road. Visitors can witness the unique process of making these silverwares and cane wares.

 How to get there

Sagaing is too far from Mandalay by taking bicycles. The best way is to rent either a rental motorbike or taxi from Mandalay to Sagaing if you’re traveling independently. A local taxi-truck can be easily found on the corner of 29th and 84th street in Mandalay and will drop you by the Sagaing market, from where you need to hire a moto-taxi. The better way from Sagaing to Mingun is by boat where you can ride from Mandalay’s Strand Road jetty.






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