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Attractions in Mandalay

Mandalay Royal Palace


The Mandalay Royal Palace which is the heart of Mandalay is located between 12th street and 26th street. The King Mindon Min founded Mandalay in 1857 and he built the Royal Palace as the first palace in Mandalay from 1857 to 1859 when he transferred his capital from Amarapura in1861. This is also the last palace built by Burmese royals.

History and Background

The formal name of Mandalay Royal Palace is Mya Nan San Kyaw. It is surrounded by four 2km-long walls with a total of 48 turrets and 12 gates which is a symbol of 12 months per year, 4 bridges representing 4/5 weeks per month, and by a moat which has 64m wide and 4.5m deep. Each of 12 gates represent each sign of the zodiac. Much of the palace was destroyed during the World War II by fire and has been rebuilt in 1990-95. The citadel is bounded by a charming 60m-wide moat with many bridges which keeps the large complex including audience halls, throne halls, a monastery, a watch tower, a court building, a tooth relic building. It is also surrounded by high walls, moat, water, and gardens. The British army used the royal halls as military workplace, camps.

Why should visit?

When you are in Mandalay, it is a must place to visit. We can touch with Myanmar traditional culture, traditional dress, traditional construction methods, ancient architectural designs, about ancient Myanmar Kings and Queens, daily usages and habitats of Myanmar ancient Myanmar and others enchanting things. It is worth to visit Mandalay Royal Palace discovering traditions of olden Myanmar. The best time to explore the palace is between November and February.

When it open?

The Royal Palace opens daily from 7:30AM to 5PM. Notice that the entry is the east gate of the palace.




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